Philipp Pfeffermann
+ Timm Stobbe

Philipp Pfeffermann and Timm Stobbe play the long hidden treasure of electronic music – The modular synthesizer.

Talk: The modular synthesizer
Time: 10:15
Location: Music Foyer

The modular synthesizer instrument is the epitome of creating analog electronic music without computers and is built from individual modules per function (oscillators, filters, LFO …). These modules are then connected via patch cables. This form of synthesizer was invented in the late 60s and was very popular throughout the 70s, but being huge, heavy and extremely expensive only professional sound studios and famous bands had access to it.

In the mid 90s Dieter Doepfer made it accessible and more affordable to a broader audience by inventing his A-100-System and setting a standard in size called eurorack. It can be seen as the initial spark of a renaissance of modular synthesizers and during the last years hundreds of innovative companies have been founded around the globe, all building their own modules both analogue and digital to the specs of the A-100.

It’s the most intuitive and rawest form of making electronic music with having full control over every parameter. There are actually no rules for patching the control voltage signals which gives the same freedom of sonic exploration as bands like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk or Pink Floyd had it in the 70s. Philipp Pfeffermann and Timm Stobbe will explore some of the endless possibilities at .process and let you have an insight into the work with these unusual instruments covering a musical spectrum from ambient and experimental to techno music.

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