Mareike Ottrand

Mareike Ottrand is half professor and mentor, half game illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.

Workshop: Chaos Cardboard Club (deutsch)
Time: 14:00
Location: Foyer

About the Speaker:

Mareike Ottrand is half professor/mentor, half game illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. The third half of her time she spends playing video games, being part of conferences in the interactive section and judging games for several awards and festivals.

After spending a year in London and working for MTV, Nickelodeon and DisneyTV at the animation Studio Mainframe, Mareike co-founded the independent games company Studio Fizbin as the responsible Art Director in 2011. Besides interactive and games related contract work, their first own multi-platform adventure game called The Inner World became internationally successful. Winning several awards, including the Indie Prize in Kyiv 2013 and the German Computer Game Award (category „Best Game of the year“) in 2014, Studio Fizbin set foot in the independent games industry. The sequel The last Windmonk is to be released in 2017. 

In 2015 Mareike started teaching as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg focusing on games and interactive illustration. She holds lectures on visual development for games all across Europe and stands up for a better understanding of video games as an art form. Mareike is part of the nomination committee of the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco and advisory board member for the art track of the Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference in Berlin. 

The online magazine Games Wirtschaft (Games Economy) lists Mareike as one of the „Top 50 Most Important Woman In The German Game Industry in 2017“.

About the Workshop:

let’s get crafty

The chaos cardboard club is a place where ideas are developed with minimal material, mainly cardboard. Two very talented mentors, called Coco and Motti, give support and guidance to the participants to bring the most innovative ideas to life using this discriminated packaging material.
From things like character designs, interactive bogey-simulators to thumb wrestling and politically strange protest-signs: this workshop is the perfect place to concentrate on the simplicity of things i.e. cardboard, bring ideas to life by building prototypes and to find creative solutions for random setting of tasks.
Go for it!

The workshop will be guided by Mareike and Corinna Rox.

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