Maja Schinköthe
+ Falk Neumann

Maja and Falk, team members of DeinRaum, a coworking space built up over a period of three semesters by students of the HTW Berlin and Kiel.

Talk: Let's play – The future of the workspace (deutsch)
Time: 17:30
Location: Kino

About the Speaker:

Maja Schinkköthe

Maja Schinkköthe is studying Corporate Communications and Public Relations in Kiel in order to spread innovative ideas and projects . She is involved in the DeinRaum-Coworking Space and also works for various projects such as and The main topics she is engaged with are coworking, change, innovation and startups.

Falk Neumann

Falk Neumann holds a diploma in multimedia technology from University Mittweida and has solid experience in working as a software developer with small and agile teams in Berlin. His experience in projects with Team Marzavan ( have deepened his expertise in coworking, digital business, innovation and service design. He is the best partner when it comes to digital mockups or implementation of software systems in the testing and prototyping phase.

About the Talk:

Let's play – The future of workspace

Ever watched a video gamer on YouTube? People watch it because they like seeing the excitement of others while reaching a goal. This presentation will give you a glimpse of our excitement and lead you through all levels of our creative process. Come and experience our excitement for the creative process…
Our presentation will start at the roots of most of the solutions at this conference:

the work desk // university // collaboration

We will introduce you to a coworking space built up over a period of three semesters by students of the HTW Berlin and Kiel and the playful, sometimes wobbly seeming and always-exciting design process of such.

Falk Neumann was in the special position of contributing, facilitating and observing those three semesters guided by Daniela Marzavan and Alexander Ohrt. As a teammember of DeinRaum Maja Schinköthe will give you insights about the job of the communication manager of the newly created coworking space and want´s to discuss the need of new qualifications in the future form of collaboration.

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