Dries De Roeck
+ Ricardo Brito

Ricardo is Lead Service Designer with Futurice Berlin and Dries a next generation alchemist, Researcher and Designer at studio dott.

Workshop: Designing IOT Products (englisch)
Time: 14:00
Location: Kino

About the Speaker:

Ricardo Brito

Ricardo Brito is the Lead Service Designer with Futurice Berlin. He is developing successful digital services and is pushing the boundaries with new concepts in the design domain and outside of it. His current focus is on the future of IoT, Digital Disruption, Hyper Local Services and Smart Cities. Ricardo is one of the Inventors of the award winning Futurice's IoT Service Design Kit that enables teams to test-drive IoT concepts in the real world, and one of the hosts of The ThingCast.

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Dries De Roeck

Dries is a next generation alchemist, moving back and forth between the design and research field. He leads all things research at the creative agency Studio Dott in Antwerp, Belgium. He is interested in the way people use and adapt technology in their day to day context, and how this can be an inspiration towards more humane & meaningful network connected products. As part of his ongoing PhD research he created the ‘IoT Ideation cards’, a personalisable deck of cards to conceptualise internet connected products.

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About the Workshop:

Designing IOT Products

Designing Internet of Things products and services can be way more complex than traditional product or UX design. And with a next generation of products, comes a next generation of design tools: tools that help you understand the possibilities and overcome challenges related to IoT. Dries de Roeck (Studio Dott, BE) and Ricardo Brito (Futurice, DE) have developed novel design tools (IoT Service Kit / Know Cards Ideation Pack) navigate the complexity of IoT and help you to design connected products. During these workshops they’ll share their latest tools and processes.

This is a hands-on workshop accessible to everyone, no domain knowledge required.

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