Arzu Uyan

Project and relationship manager at 42dp Labs & M7173 Crew Member

Talk: Holoship – Making of an experimental gaming console (deutsch)
Time: 11:15
Location: Kino

About the Speaker:

Arzu Uyan is a trained business engineer, web scientist and an enthusiastic tech explorer. As a project and relationship manager at 42dp Labs, she is in charge of the Iron Triangle and the requirements engineering. She works with eco e.V. and leads the competence group Smart Environments, which aims at analysing the key issues of connected life and work spaces. In her spare time she likes to do stuff with the Crew at M7173

About the Talk:

Collective Creativity - a short story about unexpected encounters and old friends

The talk will give a brief peek into the makings of an experimental gaming console. Holoship revives the classic pen and paper game Battleships in space. The interactive installation creates an immersive 3D gaming experience, where the gameplay is visualised as a holographic projection.

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