.process Festival

the .process festival is an annual event in the Metropole Ruhr about the creational processes behind creative, cultural and technological projects and ideas: the individual handling of working techniques, the communication and cooperation of different actors, innovative tools, the development of new perspectives in the economic, cultural and creative context – and everything that happens on the road.

This way, instead of the final product, the process, its hurdles, challenges and learnings are brought to the center: .process focuses on the implementation itself and asks for the "how" rather than the "what" – a central question for a new generation of practitioners in a fast-changing world. At .process international experts, entrepreneurs and creatives are invited to share insights to projects, inspiration and working methods in talks, panels. and open workshops. This creates an educational and open exchange for professional designers, developers, makers, founders, researchers, activists and creative minds.

2017 – play

The theme of the .process Festival 2017 is "play". We understand the term in three ways:

Gaming – The playful, spontaneous and unbiased process within a workflow, experimental learning of new techniques and methods of work

Gambling – The world of start ups and entrepreneurs, investment of capital and risks, ThinkTanks, creative hubs as outsourced research departments, and also political strategic play.

Tinkering – The accessibility of modern technology, the view into the "black box" of the Internet of Things and the innovative hardware and software around us.

Transparency in the development

Transparency is a vital part and guideline of the .process Festival. Our path of making .process a reality has been documented since day 1 in September 2016 in order to reveal the entire development of the event as a process and to provide the community with sustainable knowledge.

There is a process
behind every project
The Dortmunder U

»Change through culture – Culture through change«. That was not only the motto of the European Capital of Culture – RUHR.2010 but also the guidingprinciple behind the emergence of a new centre for art and creativity in Dortmund.

The key questionwas: How can former industrial regionsbecome meaningful and attractive again with the help of culture, art and the creative industries? The Dortmunder U is a beacon of the region’s structural change. Built in 1926–27 to accommodate an industrial brewery, it was the first high-rise building in Dortmund, boasting a distinctive roof crest that has defined the cityscape ever since. Its redevelopment, from 2008 to 2010, marked a new beginning for the building and its surroundings. The former Union-Brauerei was converted into a different kind of cultural venue where art, education, research and creativity found a new home. The result is a unique institution in Germany, with an imposing architecture, multiple usages and diverse programmes.

The U offers a spectacular sight from afar thanks to the large-scale film installations by Adolf Winkelmann on the widely visible roof crest and in the building itself. Eight institutions are working together under its roof: Ostwall Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV), TU Dortmund University, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, UZWEI Centre for Cultural Education, Mediathek, Kino im U and various cafés and eateries. The Dortmunder Kunstverein and the european center for creative economy (ecce), which complement the exhibitions and events at the U, are based nearby.

Foto © Hannes Woidich

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